Undergraduate Studies

Undergrad Major & Minor

students reading outside of ten Hoor HallThe Department of Philosophy offers the following major and minor programs. Follow the links to view information about admission and course requirements in the UA undergraduate catalog.


Within the philosophy major and minor, students can specialize in one of three areas:

For philosophy majors, the specialization will be noted on the transcript. A specialized/concentrated minor will not appear on the transcript; however, the department can provide documentation of completion upon request.

Specialized Minors

Honors in Philosophy

Any student with an interest in and an aptitude for philosophy may apply for admission to the honors program. Learn more about Honors in Philosophy on our Honors page.


View a complete list of philosophy (PHL) courses in the UA Catalog.

View a list of upcoming and recent special topics courses, with descriptions.

Note: Students who enrolled at UA prior to 2012-13 may satisfy either the current or the old major requirements: 30 PHL hours, including Introduction to Deductive Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, and at least 12 hours at or above the 300-level.