Available Tutors

It is up to the student and student tutor to work out a schedule that works best for everyone. Please understand that our tutors are students as well and will have class conflicts at times. Tutors, the courses they specialize in, and the instructor who they have had classes with are all listed below. We require ALL sessions to take place at one of the four libraries on campus (can be scheduled here). If there isn’t availability at the library when needed, the department secretary can find an appropriate room.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the department at (205) 348-5942 or our Peer Tutoring Coordinator Caroline Cumbest at accumbest@crimson.ua.edu

Available Tutors:

PHL 100:

  • Bob Trinh
  • Greg Shank
  • David Hodgson (Dr. Pickering)
  • Lena Johnson (Dr. Pickering)
  • Chantal Isaac

PHL 104:

  • Bob Trinh (Dr. Arico)
  • Michaela Connolly (Dr. Arico)

PHL 211:

  • Jacob Camden (Dr. Bordner)
  • Bob Trinh (Dr. Bordner)
  • Caroline Cumbest (Dr. Bordner)
  • Andrew Byrd (Dr. Bordner)

PHL 292:

  • Mackenzi Barrett (Dr. Butzer)
  • Chantal Isaac (Dr. Butzer)
  • Andrew Byrd (Dr. Bordner)
  • Molly Stotz (Dr. Kantin)
  • Caroline Cumbest (Dr. Kantin)
  • Michaela Connolly

PHL 212:

  • Mackenzie Barrett (Dr. Richards)
  • Jacob Camden (Dr. Richards)
  • Michaela Connolly (Dr. Richards)
  • Chantal Isaac (Dr. Richards)
  • Andrew Byrd (Dr. Bordner)
  • Caroline Cumbest (Dr. Bordner)

PHL 106:

  • Leah Humble (Dr. Alter)
  • Jacob Camden (Dr. Alter)
  • Andrew Byrd (Dr. Alter)
  • Caroline Cumbest (Dr. Wrenn)
  • Chantal Isaac (Dr. Wrenn)
  • Mark Simmons (Dr. Wrenn)