Welcome to Philosophy at UA

The Department of Philosophy is a supportive community of scholars whose goals are to provide students with excellent educational opportunities in philosophy and to produce significant and ongoing contributions to scholarly research.

In the tradition begun by Socrates, the department encourages the critical examination of even our most cherished beliefs. The study of philosophy fosters original thought while encouraging logical precision, an open-minded attitude toward new and unusual ideas, and a commitment to responsible criticism.

Some philosophy majors and minors pursue one of the department’s three specializations: jurisprudence, mind and brain, and philosophy and medicine. A few select majors pursue the Honors Track, writing and defending a thesis. The 2011 Fiske Guide to Colleges ranks philosophy among the top eight undergraduate programs at UA.

Watch this video to learn more about our department, hear faculty and students describe UA’s undergraduate philosophy program, and find out what the study of philosophy involves.