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Major & Minors in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers an undergraduate major and minor, with the option to concentrate in jurisprudence, mind-brain, or philosophy and medicine. Two specialized minors focus on philosophical concerns around ethics and ethics in medicine. Follow these links to the UA Catalog to view information about admission and course requirements:

Major in Philosophy (BA)
Minor in Philosophy

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What Is Philosophy?

The question is itself a philosophical question —
and can be answered only by doing philosophy.

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Why Study Philosophy?

A major or minor in philosophy is excellent preparation for a career in many fields.

Why? Philosophy’s emphasis on careful reading, precise writing, and logical reasoning provides students with the intellectual discipline required to pursue a career in virtually every industry, including the fields shown here.

Our department is home to some of the best and brightest students at The University of Alabama. Join us to explore life’s ultimate questions and develop the analytical skills to articulate, investigate and answer those questions — at UA and beyond.


Philosophy majors perform better on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) than political science, English, and history majors. Many of our graduates go on to law school, with recent graduates attending The University of Alabama, Harvard University, New York University, The University of Virginia, and Yale University.

Philosophy majors perform better on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) than biology, health science, and nursing majors. A number of philosophy majors have pursued careers in medicine. For example, a recent graduate completed a nurse practitioner program, and others have gone on to medical school to pursue neurosurgery, pediatrics, and family medicine.

Some of our students develop rewarding careers in business administration.

Some of our alumni have completed graduate programs and are now professors of philosophy, English, and psychology.

Honors in Philosophy

Any student with an interest in and an aptitude for philosophy may apply for admission to the honors program. Learn more about Honors in Philosophy on our Honors page.

Honors in Philosophy

Course Descriptions

View a complete list of philosophy (PHL) courses in the UA Catalog, or view a list of upcoming or recent special topics courses, with descriptions, on our Courses page.

UA Catalog Courses Page

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