Dr. Luke Hunt interviewed for article in “The New Republic”

Dr. Luke Hunt was interviewed for an article in The New Republic about the police’s use of informants.  The magazine piece examines cases in which the police use their leverage to get drug addicts to work as drug informants.  Hunt’s comments in the piece raise both procedural concerns about such cases (whether the informant had a

Congratulations Mackenzi Barrett!

Mackenzi Barrett, a graduate of the Philosophy department, has been offered a Don Lavoie Fellowship at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Congratulations 2020-2021 Scholarship & Award Winners!

Marten and Marie ten Hoor Prize Rachel Ploeger Norvin Richards Award Eric Carr & Leah Humble Iredell Jenkins Endowed Memorial Scholarship Andrew Byrd & Mackenzi Barrett Exceptional Service to Philosophy Department Award Jacob Lawrence

Congratulations Leah Humble!

Leah Humble, a double major in Philosophy and Political Science, will be competing with 38 other women for the title of Miss Alabama 2021! The competition will be held on June 12, 2021 at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham. To view all of this year’s contestants, click here.

Congratulations Eric Carr!

Eric Carr has been accepted into Georgia State’s M.A. philosophy program, which includes a tuition waiver and assistantship.  Georgia State is one of the most highly regarded terminal M.A. philosophy programs in the country, known for its strong record of placing students into prestigious Ph.D. programs and its lauded teacher-training program.

Dr. Chase Wrenn and Dr. Seth Bordner, “Setting the Record Straight: A Defense of Vacating Wins in Response to Rules Violations.” Journal Article

Setting the Record Straight: A Defense of Vacating Wins in Response to Rules Violations Dr. Chase Wrenn (The University of Alabama) and Dr. Seth Bordner (The University of Alabama) Journal Article in The Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, forthcoming in July but published online March 7, 2021 Abstract: Dr. Wrenn and Dr. Bordner describe a

Dr. Chase Wrenn, “Alethic Pluralism and Logical Form” Journal Article

Alethic Pluralism and Logical Form Dr. Chase Wrenn (The University of Alabama) Article in Southern Journal of Philosophy, 27 October 2020 (online first) Abstract: According to a recently proposed theory, truth is different for sentences with different logical forms. Truth for conditionals is a different property from truth for conjunctions, for example. This paper points


Alethic Pluralism and Truth-Attributions: A Dilemma Dr. Chase Wrenn (The University of Alabama) Journal Article in American Philosophical Quarterly, vol. 57, no. 4, October 2020, pp. 311-324 Abstract: Some recent theories of truth say that there are different kinds of truth for different kinds of subject-matter. This paper shows that it those theories break down when

Dr. Torin Alter

-Russellian Monism and Mental Causation  Dr. Torin Alter (The University of Alabama) and Sam Coleman (University of Hertfordshire, UK) Forthcoming and available in Early View in Nous  Abstract: According to Russellian monism, consciousness is consti- tuted at least partly by quiddities: intrinsic properties that categorically ground dispositional properties described by fundamental physics. If the theory

Dr. Mark Pickering, “Against the Hybrid Interpretation of Kant’s Theory of Punishment”, Journal Article

Against the Hybrid Interpretation of Kant’s Theory of Punishment  Dr. Mark Pickering (The University of Alabama) Article in Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics 28 (2020): 115-133 ABSTRACT: Immanuel Kant appears to make both retributivist and consequentialist statements about criminal punishment in the Metaphysical Foundations of the Doctrine of