Where to Find Information about Philosophy Courses

Information about philosophy courses is provided in three places:

  • Class Schedule: This table lists all of the courses offered in a single semester, with times, locations, and instructors (as much as is known at the time).
  • Departmental Course Descriptions Booklet: Whereas the catalog provides general descriptions of all of our courses, each instructor fulfills that description in a way that reflects his or her own interests and areas of expertise. That’s why every semester we produce a course descriptions booklet that provides more detailed information about each course section than can fit into a five-line catalog entry. This information may cover subject matter, course policies, and graded work such as tests and papers.
  • UA Undergraduate Catalog: Here you can read general course descriptions, which apply to all sections of a course, regardless of instructor or semester. The catalog provides an inventory of all of the courses we typically offer during the academic year.

Spring 2019 Schedule & Courses

Spring 2019 Course Descriptions

Spring 2019 Schedule

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UA Undergraduate Catalog