Benjamin Kozuch

Benjamin Kozuch

Associate Professor


  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Arizona, 2013
  • MA, Philosophy, University of Arizona, 2010
  • BA, English, Penn State University, 1993


Benjamin Kozuch specializes in philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of mind.

The research of Dr. Kozuch has thus far mostly focused on using neuroscience to further our philosophical understanding of consciousness. Some of his other work concerns the neural basis of consciousness, and the nature of pain experiences. It is alleged that he used to play electric and upright bass as a freelance musician in New Orleans.


Spring 2024 Office Hours:

On sabbatical 


Selected Publications

  • “Dislocation, not dissociation: The neuroanatomical argument against visual consciousness driving motor action,” Mind and Language, forthcoming
  • “Prefrontal lesion evidence against higher-order theories of consciousness,” Philosophical Studies, 2014
  • “Correlation, causation, constitution: On the interplay between the science and philosophy of consciousness,” (with Uriah Kriegel), forthcoming in The Constitution of Consciousness. (Ed., Miller, S.)