Dr. Luke Hunt’s “Police Deception and Dishonesty: The Logic of Lying” (Oxford University Press, 2023)

Dr. Luke Hunt’s new book, Police Deception and Dishonesty: The Logic of Lying (Oxford University Press, 2023), is now available for pre-order from Oxford at the link below: 


Police Deception and Dishonesty – The Logic of Lying (Oxford University Press) illustrates how the police’s widespread use of proactive deception and dishonesty is inconsistent with fundamental norms of political morality.  Drawing on his experience, a range of literature, and case studies regarding interrogations, undercover operations, pretextual detentions, and other common scenarios, Hunt makes the case that many proactive tactics erode public faith in the police institution and weaken the police’s legitimacy.


“Luke Hunt’s Police Deception and Dishonesty offers a penetrating exploration of a problem that has received less attention than that of outright police violence, but is arguably even more pervasive and pernicious. Employing his well-trained philosophical chops, and drawing on his experience as a former FBI special agent (surely, an exceptionally rare combination), Hunt offers a compelling argument for the vital role that truthful and honest policing needs to play in a liberal society.” –Stuart Green, Distinguished Professor of Law, Rutgers University

“Luke Hunt is one of today’s leading philosophers on policing. In Police Deception and Dishonesty, he weaves together philosophy and real-world experience to show how many deceptive practices widespread in policing, whatever their short-term benefits, can have devastating consequences for police legitimacy. This book is essential reading for philosophers and practitioners alike.” –Ben Jones, Associate Research Professor of Philosophy, Assistant Director, Rock Ethics Institute, The Pennsylvania State University