Max Hocutt

Max Hocutt

Professor Emeritus


  • PhD, Yale University, 1960
  • MA, Tulane University, 1958


Dr. Max Hocutt has been a member of the Philsophy department for 36 years and was the Chairman of the department for 13 years. He has written three books and over 100 essays and reviews in professional journals and encyclopedias. He also was the editor of Behavior and Philosophy for six years. Professor Hocutt earned his Masters at Tulane University in 1958 and his PhD at Yale University in 1960. He was also a visiting fellow at Oxford (1970), Princeton (1978) and St. Andrews (1987).

Selected Publications

  • First Philosophy: An Introduction to Philosophical Issues
  • The Elements of Logical Analysis and Inference
  • Grounded Ethics: The Empirical Bases of Normative Judgements