Kathleen Wu

Kathleen Wu

Professor Emeritus


  • Yale University, PhD Philosophy, 1970
  • Bryn Mawr College, BA cum laude with honors in Philosophy, 1963


Dr. Wu joined the department in 1972 as an assistant professor. She taught undergraduate and graduate courses in logic and published in the journals Ajatus, Logique et Analyse, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Journal of Philosophical Logic and in The Logical Enterprise, a collection of invited essays. She is the author of a book entitled Discovering Formal Logic and the solution manual. She also taught a course in Indian and Chinese philosophies and published an article on Lao Tzu in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.  For many years, she was faculty adviser to the Philosophy Club, a student organization she helped start. Since retiring in 1997 as professor emeritus, Dr. Wu has continued to publish and give presentations, but now, on the history of Florida prior to statehood.

Selected Publications

  • “Believing and Disbelieving,” in Alan Ross Anderson, Ruth Barcan Marcus and Richard M. Martin, eds., The Logical Enterprise (Yale University Press, 1975), 211-220.
  • “On Lao Tzu’s Idea of the Self,” Zygon, 16 (June 1981), 165-180.
  • Discovering Formal Logic (Dushkin Publishing Group, a division of McGraw-Hill, 1994).
  • “Manumission of Anna: Another Interpretation,” El Escribano, 46 (2009), 51-68. Reprinted as a monograph by St. Augustine Historical  Society.