Dr. Chase Wrenn

Chase Wrenn

Associate Professor

Office Hours

Spring 2019:

Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm & Thursday 9:30-10:30am or by appointment. To request an appointment please go to https://beta.doodle.com/cwrenn


Dr. Wrenn’s research and teaching focus on truth, epistemology, and philosophy of mind and cognitive science. He has published articles on these topics in such journals as The Philosophical Quarterly, The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and Erkenntnis. He edited “Naturalism, Reference, and Ontology,” a Festschrift for Roger Gibson published in 2008, and his book “Truth” is expected to appear in 2014.

Dr. Wrenn is the director of the department’s mind and brain specialization.


BA, The University of Alabama, 1996

PhD, Washington University in St. Louis, 2001 (also MA)

Representative Publications

“A Puzzle About Desire.” Erkenntnis, vol. 73 no. 2 (Sept. 2010), pp. 185–209.

“Practical Success and the Nature of Truth.” Synthese, vol. 181 no. 3 (Aug. 2011), pp. 451-470.

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pp. 115–136.

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