Dr. Richard A. Richards

Richard A. Richards

Professor / Department Chair

Office Hours

Spring 2019:

Tuesdays 2:00-3:00pm, Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment.


Dr. Richard Richards first joined the department in 1997.  His specialties are the philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of medicine and aesthetics.  Has been involved in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, in both the planning of curriculum and teaching.

Dr. Richards is the author of The Species Problem: A Philosophical Analysis, and Biological Classification: A Philosophical Introduction, both with Cambridge University Press.  He is currently completing a third book with Cambridge, The Biology of Art.  He has also published articles in the journals Philosophy of Science, History and Philosophy of Science, Perspectives on Science, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism and more.  He has published chapters in The Oxford Handbook for the Philosophy of Biology, The Cambridge Companion to the Origin of Species, The Harvard Companion to Evolution, and The Cambridge Handbook of Evolutionary Ethics.

Other interests include the performing and fine arts.  He has performed professionally with major ballet companies in the United State and Europe.  His paintings and drawings are held in private collections, as well as the Museum at Yosemite National Park, where he has served as artist-in-residence.  He currently enjoys competitive ballroom dancing and Argentine tango with his wife Rita Snyder, Associate Professor of Dance at the University of Alabama.


PhD, Certificate in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Johns Hopkins University