Are there any famous philosophy majors?

Maurice Allais, Nobel Prize in Economics, 1988

Steve Allen, Writer and comic voice on The Simpsons

Wes Anderson, director and filmmaker (Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums)

William Bennett, formerly Secretary of Education and head of the War on Drugs

Henri Bergson, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1927

Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Jerry Brown, former governor of California and presidential candidate

Patrick Buchanan, former speechwriter for George Wallace

Pearl Buck, winner of the Pulitzer Prize (1932) and the Nobel Prize for Literature (1937)

George Carlin, comedian with a dirty mouth

Stokely Carmichael/Kwame Ture, Civil rights leader

Mary Higgins Clark, mystery writer

Ethan Coen, great filmmaker (one of the Coen Brothers)

T.S. Eliot, poet who wore glasses

Rudolf Eucken, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1908

Carly Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett Packard

Ken Follett, author of Eye of the Needle

Michael Frayn, Playwright and novelist

Northrup Frye, English scholar and Literary Critic

Martin Gardner, popular science writer

J. Paul Getty, someone with more money than you

Philip Glass, composer of weird music

Rudi Giuliani, former mayor and actor in Adam Sander films

Rebecca Goldstein, Novelist and MacArthur Prize winner

Chris Hardwick, MTV host

Gary Hart, former senator and presidential candidate of questionable morals

Carol Heckman, first female magistrate in the Western district

Peter Hoeg, author of Smilla’s Sense of Snow

Carl C. Icahn, corporate raider and owner of TWA

Phil Jackson, NBA coach with cool facial hair

Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President and all-round smart guy

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize, 2002

Bruce Lee, Martial arts specialist and possible actor

Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987

Steve Martin, actor and comedian

Iris Murdoch, Novelist

Robert McNamara, Former Secretary of Defense and Head of the World Bank (we all have our pluses and minuses)

Kate Millett, author of Sexual Politics

Neil Peart, good drummer for pretentious suburban band

Pope John Paul II, if you don’t know, there’s no point explaining

Stone Phillips, broadcaster

Georges Pires, Nobel Peace Prize, 1958

Chaim Potok, Novelist

Joan Rivers, comedian

Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies, deep voice

Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1950

Susan Sarandon, Actress with political opinions

Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize, 1952

Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize in Economics, 1998

Wallace Shawn, actor whom Torin once saw in the airport

John Silber, Former President Boston University and politician

Gene Siskel, Ebert’s late thin brother

Jeff Smith, host of the Frugal Gourmet

Susan Sontag, Writer

George Soros, Currency speculator and humanitarian

David Souter, nerdy Supreme Court Justice

P. Michael Spense, Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001

Alex Trebeck, Pompous host of Jeopardy

Pierre Trudeau, Former Canadian Prime Minister

Judge Joseph Wapner, The People’s Court; Rain Man’s Solomon

David Foster Wallace, Novelist and MacArthur Award winner

George F. Will, conservative commentator in a bowtie

Juan Williams, NPR host and journalist for The Washington Post

C. Vann Woodward, Historian

– compiled by Stuart Rachels