The Philosophy Department  is proud to say that some of the best students at the University of Alabama study here. Should  you take a philosophy course? Well, are you:

  • Smart?
  • Inquisitive?
  • Interested to get to the bottom of things?
  • A good writer?
  • A careful reader?
  • Looking for an intellectual challenge?

Then perhaps you should give philosophy a try.

You should also know:

  • If you’re thinking about law school, philosophy majors do better on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) than:
    • Political science majors,
    • English majors, or
    • History majors
  • If you’re thinking about  medical school, philosophy majors do better on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) than:
    • Biology majors,
    • Health science majors, or
    • Nursing majors

Wondering why that is? Want to find out why? Take one of our classes. Check out what the students’ Philosophy Club is doing. Stop by and have a chat with one of our faculty members.

There’s always something interesting going on in the Philosophy Department.

– Stuart Rachels

Specializations for majors and minors. Many of our majors and minors complete their requirements with a variety of philosophy courses; others choose to specialize by completing either The Mind & Brain Specialization or The Jurisprudence Specialization. Completing all the courses for a given track constitutes a minor in philosophy; to complete the major, several additional courses are required.

What does The Mind & Brain Specialization involve?

What does The Jurisprudence Specialization involve?

What does Honors in Philosophy involve?

Student awards. There are three departmental awards presented each spring:

The Marten and Marie ten Hoor Prize

The Iredell Jenkins Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The Norvin Richards Award

Frequently asked questions:

What is philosophy?

What can philosophy graduates do?

What do the major and minor in philosophy involve?

Is there any connection between Philosophy and the Blount Undergraduate Initiative?

Who are some of your successful majors?

Are there any famous philosophy majors?

Should I go to graduate school in philosophy?